Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sync Movies to iPad

iPad Talk: How to Sync Movies to iPad?

As the portable iPad is becoming popular in people’s lives, the iPad talk is getting hot online. And along with being a great music player, eBook reader, and gaming devices thanks to the App Store, the iPad is also a great mobile video player. It’s a joy to watch movies, TV shows, or an iTunes movie rental on the iPad's big, beautiful screen. But video takes up a lot of room and even with the iPad's storage; you can run out of space quickly. To prevent that, you need to learn how to use the options for syncing video to the iPad or convert video to DVD for storage.

If you want to add or sync your favorite movies to iPad for better sharing with friends or better enjoyment while you are outside etc, you could sync it through iTunes. When you connect iPad to your PC, a management screen appears in iTunes that sports a number of tabs across the top. The two relevant to this topic are "Movies" and "TV Shows."

In the movies tab, you have a few options:
• In order to be able to sync video to the iPad, make sure the box next to "Sync Movies" at the top of the screen is checked. If it's not, you won't be able to sync movies at all.
• If it's checked, but the check box below it is not, you can select individual movies from your library. Check the box next to the name of the movie you want to sync (unchecked movies will not be added to your iPad).
• If you check the "Automatically add" checkbox under the "Sync Movies" box, you can choose to automatically add all movies in your library to your iPad each time you sync.
• For more fine-grained control over what movies get synced, choose options from that menu like most recently added or unwatched moves.

When you're done adjusting these settings, click the "Apply" button in the bottom-left corner of the iTunes window to update and sync movies to your iPad.

When that's done, you can change similar settings in the "TV Shows" tab. Most of the settings are the same there, though in this case, you can also choose to sync either individual episodes of TV shows or entire seasons. Clicking the "Apply" button will commit changes from this screen, too.

If you are still not clear about this, you could follow this step by step instruction:
1. Connect iPad to your PC.
2. Start iTunes if it doesn’t open up manually.
3. Select iPad from the” Device” list.
4. Under the” Movies” tab, make sure that you have checked the” Sync Movies” checkbox.
5. Now you could add the desired movies from your iTunes library to your iPad.
6. You could also tick the” Automatically add” checkbox so that movies in your iTunes library are automatically added to your iPad each time you sync your iPad with iTunes.

That’s it! Now you could watch your favorite movies in your iPad.

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