Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Apple Hardware Review The iphone

Apple Hardware Review; The iphone

There has never perhaps, been another mobile phone that has gained public interest (even prior to its release) like Apple’s iphone. This is due to the device’s unique user interface; it also has a beautiful design and many ‘highly regarded’ features. Given below is a review of the iphone:

The Iphone combines the idea of music, a web browser, a camera and other features of a phone into one device, making it a multi functional smart phone. This new generation phone runs on Apple’s operating system, the OS X. Apple claims to have developed the OS X, after 20 years of studying user behaviors. Instead of using joysticks or telephone keys like conventional phones, this phone has a touch screen. This touch screen has been described by experts as being ‘intuitive’, instantly responding to even the slightest touch, when activated.

The iphone uses its enormous but ‘breathtaking’ touch screen as its user interface. A number of Icons appear on the screen, and all you need to do to make a call is touch the phone icon appearing on the screen and the phone’s address book opens up, then you simply touch the name of the person you want to call and the call is made. When you touch the photo icon, photos will begin gliding onto the screen. That is the beauty of the touch screen, “everything you need to do with the iphone is on your fingertips”.
The iphone also doubles up as an iPod. It has a flash memory of 8 bytes which is built to store over 2000 songs. With this storage capacity for music, an iPod might not be necessary, if you have an iphone. The iphone can also play movies, on its big stunning screen.
The phone can also connect to the internet, giving its users access to huge amounts of music downloads on iTunes. With the internet access, iphone users can also get fabulous images on Google maps, on its magnificent screen; this is an important feature for travel enthusiasts.

The iphone has a lot of wonderful features; however, it also has its downside, such as the phone has a huge LCD powered screen, which has the ability to consume a lot of power. The many gadgets in the iphone, also consume too much power when compared to other smart phones. However, you should be able to at least get a full days charge on the iphone, even when heavily used.

The 2 megapixel camera on the iphone is also one of its weaknesses, if compared with the 5 megapixel cameras on other smart phones such as the Nokia N95 and the Samsung G600. These 2 mega pixel camera on the iphone also lacks autofocus and does not have a flash, unlike the other 5pixel camera on other smart phones. The iphone also has 2G internet connectivity and not the faster 3G, which is a great limitation for a phone whose emphasis is on, downloads and web browsing.

The iphone has many desired features; however it also has some limitations. However, these limitations may have been confronted on Apple’s new line of iphone the iphone 3Gs and the Iphone 4.

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