Tuesday, June 7, 2011

6 Tips to make great Presentations

The ability to use PowerPoint presentation should be a basic requirement for most people in business or public activities. While body language and voice tone create the biggest influence. Everything can be lost if the bad things that happen to your PowerPoint presentation.

PowerPoint Presentations can be a great way to deliver information, scribe a message, to inform, explain and express.

Being read word for word that makes a speech that lacks influence. Here are seven tips to consider when putting together your presentation

1. Plan Ahead
Who is the audience and what your result is, involve the audience. Asking your audience whether they agree or disagree with a specific question and how do they feel.

2. Make It Concise
As the saying goes to many cooks spoil the broth. Well, for many words on a slide off the audience. Don't use uppercase, italics, or bold too often. It has no impact and often confuses people.
3. Check Spelling
Just be sure to do so. Spelling errors really stand out in PowerPoint presentation because the text is so big. Let someone else to check it at least one time if it is possible.
4. Not More Than 7 Key Points Per Page
The brain cannot remember all of them at one time. Ideally, no more than 4 or 5 per slide, if you really want to have an impact. Don't present every world in your entire presentation in bulleted lists.
5. Color Schemes
Think about combinations of colors used. Avoid using a white background to prevent eye strain.
6. Use Images Appropriately.
Don't use images unless they make a specific point and provide a clear conclusion.

It's all about understanding what the audience needs; you do not have to use all the generations, animations, sounds and graphics. Think of your audience and what works best. These attributes should enhance your message rather than subtract.

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