Monday, June 13, 2011

Good software to convert wmv

Good software to convert wmv and burn a dvd

Today someone ask me write something about wmv format conversion. because she find many questions about it on yahoo answer by her friends such as: Fran asked “How can I convent a wmv movie file into a QuickTime movie file?-I need to convert my wmv movie into a QuickTime file." and JBG said: What do I convert a wmv file to in order to burn it on a CD-R that will play on my DVD player?-I only have a cd-writer drive on my computer. I can successfully burn the wmv file to a cd-r. However, it will not play in my DVD player? What files do DVD players support? How do I convert the wmv file and burn it to a cd-r?"

How to deal with problem like this? In fact, it involves two aspects: one is video conversion; another is DVD burning. Maybe, you can choose two software (of course, maybe you can do it on-line): video converter to help you convert wmv to mov and another software burn wmv videos into a DVD. However it is wiser that you can choose a software which not only convert video but also burn a DVD. Wondershare video converter ultimate is just the software you need which can convert almost any the video format to another with high output quality.

What's more, it is very easy to use:

Free download this video converter ultimate and install it.

Step 1, Import wmv videos to the program.

Step 2, Click the pull-down button to expand the format plane and select the QuickTime MOV as the output format.

Step 3, Start conversion.

Additionally, you can also trim videos, crop videos, merge videos and change settings like brightness, contrast, saturations bite rate etc with this video converter ultimate.

When you need to burn a DVD the processing is almost the same: you just need to click "burn to DVD" on the second step. You can choose your favorite menu template. Then you can set parameters step by step. At last please click the "start".

You can enjoy your video freely.

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