Monday, June 13, 2011

add video effects

How to add video effects and make your video stunning
Normally, the expert at video editing will add the effects that go unnoticed. It will subtly enhance the emotional effect of a scene if you make the correct color. A split screen is also a way to tell others a story. Superimposed shots can reflect and contemplate your idea. Below are the classic video editing effects will help you make your own unique video.
1. Dissolves.
You can try to add a dissolve a cut that looks or sounds abrupt to smooth the transition. And the audiences will barely notice the change once the effect blends the two video clips.
2. Old Movie
The Old Movie Effects means that it will add some effects to your video (such as noise, shake and dust), so that it looks as an old projector. It is very suitable to add a nostalgic feel for those old people. It is also used to cover up mistakes during taking videos, for example, camera shakiness or a dirty lens.
3. Black &White
It is another way to make your movie drama or nostalgia. This is also a handy effect to us if the color of your footage is off.
4. Split Screen
The Split Screen enables you to show two videos at once. It’s a creative way to tell a story by showing multiple video points.
5. Widescreen
Widescreen is to add black bars at the top and bottom of the screen. It makes your movie Hollywood-like. If your camera shoots in 4x3, you can use this effect and letter the video to get a widescreen one.
6. Fast Motion
You may see that effect in many movies: accelerate clouds, city traffic or crowds of people. It is a creative way to indicate the passage of time. Keep your video camera fixed on an object as it is being constructed or assembled, and then speed it up to show the entire process in a matter of minutes or seconds.
7. Slow Motion
Just as the name implies, it slow down a video. That’s the way to enhance emotional and dramatic moments, such as wedding video, flashback, funny moments and etc.

8. Fade In &Fade Out
It's easy to give your projects this same professional look by adding a Fade In at the start of the video and a Fade Out at the end.

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